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How to Leave Yourself With No Choice But to Achieve Tremendous Success?

I've a friend who had time management problem as she was constantly late for her appointments. Recently, she lost her handphone... Due to the fact that she was out of handphone, she could only be contacted on her office phone, Facebook and email.

Interestingly.... Ever since she lost her handphone, she started becoming very punctual for her appointments. The word 'Late' started disappearing from her dictionary. All her friends and clients were amazed and so was I. I started diagnosing her behaviour and I found the clue to her sudden positive change of habit.

You see... When she had a handphone, she could easily contact her friends or clients that she was going to be late or "Give me 10 more minutes". However, ever since the day she lost her handphone, she had no choice but to be punctual in order to make sure that her friends or clients wouldn't lose her. By losing her handphone, she was effectively BURNING HER BRIDGES!

What Do You Mean By Burning the Bridges?

A long long time ago... There was a general who brought 3oo of his soldiers to war. They travelled across the sea and they soon reached their enemy's land. Upon reaching the sea shore, the general was shocked to see his enemies having thousands of soldiers fighting the war. When the general looked back, he noticed that the confidence of his men were down. He then commanded to burn all the warships that they came with and he told his armies, "We have burned all the bridges behind us. Do or Die! Let's fight the battle!"

Guess what?

The general with his team of 300 beat the team of thousands and won the battle!

How Have I Burned All My Bridges?

When I look at my friend's sudden change of behaviour, I recalled the story of the 300 soldiers and I started looking at how we can apply this in our life to achieve tremendous success! Interestingly.... I've been burning my bridges all these while!

When I was still a college student, I had a goal to break into the Malaysia Book of Records and I started sharing this with all my peers. It reached till a point where I was sharing my dream with anyone that I've just met!

Soon... Every time a friend sees me, he/she will start asking, "When are you going to break into the Malaysia Book of Records?" I started planning towards achieving my goal and I took massive actions to do it!

Even after 2 failed attempts of organizing the event, people were still asking me the same questions. The fact that I've burned all my bridges spurred my persistence to try again to break into the Malaysia Book of Records! We achieved it in our third attempt! Yeah!

Towards the end of my college life, whenever asked what I was going to do in the future, I started sharing my dream to build a business that will inspire youths to increase their financial intelligence to achieve their wildest dreams! I started conveying my ultimate vision to all my friends and families. After several years in Singapore, I came back to Malaysia and I went into my first business. Unfortunately, my first business in the area of wealth advisory failed! When my first business failed, it was a total disaster! I had friends who started demoralizing my dreams and advised me to go into employment. However, due to the fact that I've given my words to almost everyone I've met about my dreams, I knew that It was almost impossible for me to step back into employment. I've BURNED ALL MY BRIDGES!

I started looking for credible and trustable partners and we got into my second business. After a while, I realised that the second business wasn't as difficult as my first one because I've already had some basic know-how to pass through the survival stage in business.

Have You Burned Your Bridges?

I realised that many people have massive goals to achieve their big dreams but lack of the courage to share their dreams. They are afraid that if they fail, people will start laughing at them! They were afraid of LOSING FACE!

The fact is this... When you are afraid of losing face or people might laugh at you, you will focus more on taking care of the welfare of your bridges rather than fighting the battle!

Think about it... Who do you think will win a battle? A soldier who fights to win or a soldier who fights not to lose?

If you have a big dream, start sharing with everyone that you meet. Make a PUBLIC COMMITMENT! When you start sharing your big dream with everyone and anyone you meet, you will soon realise that there is no turning back to the bridges. That's when you will DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SUCCEED!

Start Burning Your Bridges TODAY!

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