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Seven Tips to Keep Your Smartphone and Other Gadgets Protected

In this era of information technology Smartphones are used for storing information and other content. All this is vital to the individual who possesses it. This is why it becomes essential to take utmost care of Smartphone or device as if it falls into wrong hands then the data can be utilized for illegitimate purposes.

Reportedly, there have been cases of thefts in and around New York city. However, let us not assume that this crime is limited to any geographical location, it can happen anywhere in your local vicinity or your own town. Although there is no way that one can prevent theft and phone robbery but keeping your device safe is a sensible option; this article will give you some easy tips to apply for keeping your gadget safe.

Tips to keep your Smartphone and other device safe and protected:
1. Password protection: It is essential to enable the functionality of pass code or pin code on your phone. This way you will be able to protect your vital data from unwanted access.

2. Take a regular back up of your phone or iPad. This can be done via cloud computing. Services like Android backup for Android enabled phones and iCloud are capable of auto backup of data.

3. Remember to keep the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number handy as in case of phone theft you can immediately refer this number. This number can be located in device settings.

4. If you own an Apple device then you can enable an option of Find My iPhone. This option is enabled the moment you customize your phone, if you have not done it initially then you can do so with iCloud later on.

5. Apple users can also utilize an app called Gadget Trak. This helps in generating reports about location. The reports include latitude, longitude, map points and even IP address specifying the exact location of your phone or device.

6. Another interesting thing to protect your phone is to disguise it. You can disguise your phone or your device as something that is less noticeable. For example, you can choose to keep it in a case that resembles a cigar case or a book. This way you will not only attract less attention but will also keep it away from prying eyes on a look out for steeling expensive gadgets.

7. If you are a frequent traveler and use public transportation then the best way to protect your phone is to keep it safely stashed in your sac, satchel or bag. Do not use it in public or in a crowded transportation as it may attract unwanted attention. Use it when it is safe to take it out.

Keeping all the above-mentioned tips in mind for protecting your phone or device will go a long way in keeping it safe from theft. If in any case you happen to lose your phone then immediately file a report. This is essential for locating your device and to avoid any illegitimate activity, additionally this report may help you in providing evidence of theft when you seek help of your service provider.

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